"Delicate flowers."

To observe and appreciate a flower by the book it is required more than just a glance: it is essential to give value to every single detail and allow ourselves to fall in love with the smell. Therefore, Divinity is able to explore all your senses, given that it is a sensitive, aromatic and melodic piece like an exotic bloom. Inspired on the silhouette and the shapes of the gates made of delicate flowers near the Palace of Westminster, this piece symbolizes the gentleness and the royalty of the vast gardens of London. ‘Divinity’, a piece with a unique scent that will lead you to the royal gardens of London.


Marco Sousa

W 130 cm | 51” H 80 cm | 32” D 50 cm | 20”

Structure in palisander wood, drawers in satin wood, handmade roses in silver or gold finish.

Divinity console
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