Pillar gold

“From an historical place with centuries of tradition and memories.”

From an historical place with centuries of tradition and collective memories, ‘Pillar’ arises, mirroring the soul of Porto. A singular piece, with slender lines and finishes in copper leaf and high gloss varnish, it presents a duality of functions: it can be assumed as a table or a bench, according to the situation. The columns of the Order of St. Francisco, in the historical center of Porto, were the inspiration. ‘Pillar’, made with gold or silver leaf, demonstrates a city with a powerful and grandiose history.
Pillar gold


Marco Sousa

W 24 cm | 9” H 56 cm | 22” D 24 cm | 9”

Structure in noble wood finished in copper, gold or silver leaf and high gloss varnish.

Seating chair armchair bench art design exclusive luxury furniture bat eye
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