Cities tell stories, we heard them and seize them, we interpret them and recreate that distinct and personal vision. The city conveys life in every corner, in every street that goes unnoticed, even in places where people least expect it.

the brand

‘We personify the furniture collective memories of the cities.’

We personify in the furniture the collective memory of places, through moments, expressions, textures and chromatic seized in the cities. We want to create pieces from the whole world, for the whole world.


the designer

‘I want to create pieces of the world, for the entire world.’

As an architect I felt the need to create furniture that caught in the elementrs of convergence beween art and the city. The shapes, movements, gestures and chromatics that my look keeps mtranscribed into furniture as a tribute to the places. Nobady chooses the city where born. Bat eye, Ltd.


what's new?

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